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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The darkness seems safer than the light...

Have your ever found your heart saying that it just easier to stay broken, to stay low, to stay in the darkness... Than it is to accept healing, stand up, and walk into light? Sometimes stepping into the light can be scarier than sitting in the deepest darkness possible, because sometimes that means a whole restructuring of who we are, what we believe about the world and ourselves, and the creation of a whole new identity for ourselves.

Even in the day to day things like forgiveness, it can seem simpler to live with underlying anger and resentment, than to forgive and walk in the light. Perhaps because if we forgive them it seems like we are saying that it was okay for that person to have treated us that way when it clearly wasn't, or it can feel like they are just getting away with whatever they did without facing the consequences. So we stay in the darkness of unforgiveness and usually find at the end of the day it is ourselves that looses out in the end because chances are that person will eventually forget about it and move on, yet we will still be left bitter and damaged until we finally realised that we need to follow Christs example... and forgive... Then not only do we free that person, but our own shackles will removed and we will be free from that dark cloud.

What is scary is that even in the bigger things... Like the real life or death stuff... We can become so misguided that we believe that living in darkness is less exhausting than living in the light due to the process that walking into the light would involve. It can be extremely daunting to imagine all the work that needs to be done in our hearts, our relationships, our faith journey, if we are to recover from a mental health issue such as addictions, self harms etc.. It can so easily feel like we are completely alone - but we are by no means alone. But it's true that these things don't have an over night cure or a drug we can take that fixes everything. They involve a day by day struggle to choose life and freedom. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. So is it really worth the hassle of all that?? What would people think if I showed who I really was?? Perhaps I'll stay in the darnkess???

Well... if the freedom that Jesus talks about is anything to go by then I would argue it is worth EVERY SECOND, every potential failure, every set back, every tear... Perhaps even potential relationship losses, or reputation damage if you dare to remove the mask of 'wellness' you show to the world...

Whatever the cost... FREEDOM is the prize... Jesus holds your victory. He's already done it for you so you can be assured and hold fast to the promise that if you trust him to walk you through the valley of recovery... You will come out the other side as a new creation. Let's together live in the light of HOPE if nothing else. HOPE + FAITH = FREEDOM.

There IS freedom for the captive. For the prisoner. For the broken. For the grieving. For the poor.
For YOU.
For ME.
Begin the journey. Take only those with you that you know love you and will be with you the whole way no matter what. And pray daily for Gods help, strength, armour, love, and victory.

Watch the video below and be inspired that you could be the next story of restoration ...


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