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Friday, 15 August 2014

FREE & FEARLESS (Detling Celebration 2014)

6 days ago the coach was boarded, the tents went up, the anticipation rose, the pink hair dye came out, and the rain POURED. It looked like all the ingredients of a long (damp & smelly) week at Detling Celebration 2014!! It had already been a long week for me after flying home to see my beautiful sister walk down the aisle and say "I do" to her now hubby (bizarre) & so personally I felt no more ready to sleep in a flooded field than I did to run a marathon! But as myself, MANY teenagers, 3 kids, and a load of other adults from Saint Stephens church settled into camp life, God in the way only God does, intervened and got a hold of us all.
As the week progressed we were stretch and challenged as a group and as individuals, who all now have stories of how God spoke to them in various ways. One thing is for sure... No one left untouched by their King.

Personally God had some business to do with me. Some heart repair work. Another lesson in acknowledging His grace and His provision.. And accepting the love He has for me in abundance. 
The theme for the year was 'Free & Fearless'!! A fearless freedom to love perfectly, to face our giants,  to know our God, to go & serve, to heal, to choose, to forgive... And fearless freedom to STAY free!! 
Freedom is not something we can have fully without first relinquishing fear from our lives. When Jesus declared on the cross... "It is finished"... we were free from the ultimate fear... Death! He defeated death when He died on the cross for us, and rose 3 days later... And so if we can be free from the fear of death... we have no cause to fear ANYTHING else on this earth. Once we fully grasp that truth... We can be free once and for all from the 'stuff' that binds each of us up & hinders us from living a life worth living - the life God called us to live & the people God created us to be.

A thought that has been going around my head lately is this... What would AWESOME Becky look like? If I'm called to be Gods child & He has a perfect & rich plan for my life... Then it must be awesome. It must be the most awesome version of my life ... So what would it look like? Personally I know in my heart that the first & possibly only key part of that 'awesomeness' in order to live out with vigor my Mercy Ministry vision... lies in that one word... FREEDOM. You cannot be free without fearlessness... And you cannot offer freedom to others without first possessing freedom for yourself... & so as the bible tells us over & over again (~365 times - one reminder for every day in the year)... DO NOT BE AFRAID! For "We have nothing to fear except fear itself".
Well... that sounds like an impossible thing to achieve right?! & I'm the first to admit that I am not without fear of a whole host of stuff... (like my future for example)... But take heart... Eric Delve one of the speakers this week shared his wisdom with us on this dilemma & I found this statement very helpful... 'It's not that you won't necessarily feel fearful... But rather that you can choose not to let it control you'. For me, I find that much more achievable.
If we spend time getting to know God & also getting to know ourselves as children of God, then we can achieve this. If you know who you belong to, who is on your side, the price he paid for you, & the grace he gives you afresh each day... You can be free to serve him without fear.
It doesn't matter how broken you are, how many mistakes you've made, how small you think you are in this world, or whether or not you think God can use you... Because if I've been reminded of one thing this week it is that Gods grace is much greater than any of my insecurities. We are in fact qualified by our disqualifications. My mission is to broken women... And I come from a place of knowing some of that brokenness... Which without experiencing myself, I would therefore have no power to help the women I have, am or will minster to. My brokenness and unworthy feelings are exactly what God wants to use. How incredibly humbling is that?? Doesn't that make it all worth it?? I certainly think so.
So we must be honest about our brokenness with the world, because we are all in the same boat just with a different set of circumstances. We are all in a world that throws challenges at us daily! Someone this week said this... "If you are still impressive, you haven't shared enough". Unless you & I are willing to show each other that to some extent we understand each others struggles because of where we have been ourselves.. How can we possibly begin to explain to another that God understands their pain & has a good & pleasing & perfect will for their lives?
We can't. 

If God is worth anything, then he has to be worth EVERYTHING. My conviction cannot be small... If I truly believe that God has done what the bible says He has done for me... Then I have no other option than to spend my whole life & every part of it in devoted, fearless service to Him. 
Whatever your giant is that you are letting control you... choose for yourself today.. Who will you serve? 

So for the glory of God, for myself, & for those that I will minister Gods perfect love to... I CHOOSE to face my giants with the king of kings by my side, because he wants me to be AMAZING Becky.
Will you?

What has God called you to do? & what does the freedom to do that look like for you?
How do we become free? We become fearless.
How do we become fearless? By getting to know God, by getting to know ourselves (WHO & WHOSE we are), by understanding & accepting Gods open ended grace, & by CHOOSING to run the race with determination. 
Matthew 6:25-34

Some of our wonderful youth this week said this about the week....

"God taught us to stick together no matter how hard it is."

"Detling is a wonderful experience and is a god place to meet new people who are in the same boat as you! It is a great place to worship god and stick and grow stronger with people."

"Well that I think also he's taught us to also stick up for ourselves as well as each other"

"I've been taught to believe in myself more, be who I am and not to worry about what others think. Its also brought me closer the the people who mean a lot! Great opportunity to meet new people, and worship god in a fun but not boring way! Everyone makes you feel happy, comfortable and overall an AMAZING experience, can't wait to see everyone next year!!"

"No matter what happens, or how bad your sins are, god will always be there for you to help through the bad moments"

"I got the chance to pray and let god into my life, with a very inspirational woman- Arianna Walker"

"When I spoke to one of the youth leaders she said god spoke to her to speak to me and she said i act differently with friends than who I am alone. This really made me think and i'm going to find the real me :) xxx"

"I gained the confidence to pray with people"

AMEN to a great week!!!
B xx

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