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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stop asking why... start asking to whom can I turn...

What an incredible trailer. What an incredible truth. 
"We need to stop asking WHY, and start asking to whom can I turn?!"
So many of us can identify with that 'rock bottom' point. That place in our lives and emotions and minds through which we see no hope and no way out. But there is a way out... there is a hope. There is a God who loves you, knows all about the pain you feel... and feels it to. Let Him carry you.

I've just finished reading Nick Vujicic's book (you will have seen him in that trailer) - the book is called 'Unstoppable; Life without limits'. He is the famous American preacher who was born without limbs and seemingly without a hope of a normal or fulfilled life. But with Christ that statement was not his reality. The book is incredible... it tells of his journey with God as He grappled with the why of his condition yet came out the other side with the realisation that the why didn't necessarily matter, just as this clip reveals to us. Perhaps for most of us we will never get an answer for the why, or the closest we get to an answer is 'so that we can one day help someone else'. But what Nick came to grasp was not the reasons behind being born without limbs, but who he would turn to to help him to live a life of hope, meaning, and joy despite the disability he faced. It's an incredible must read book... it's encouraging... it helps you find perspective... it gives you hope that with Jesus Christ, JOY is what you will find.

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