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Sunday, 27 October 2013

"It's my party... I'll do what I want"

On Saturday night in Newcastle I went to see Jessie J in concert with a dear friend and fellow enthusiast. It was an absolutely fantastic concert on so many levels, but what I really found myself coming away thinking was this - If she had just mentioned Jesus during her messages which were so poetically and frequently placed throughout the show about love, life and acceptance, then she might just be in the running for the most relatable evangelical preacher to our generation today.

So you are probably now thinking... oh dear... did she really just say that? But please hear me out... this is not an unfounded appreciation for Jessie J like the one my friends and relatives know I possess for Britney Spears... (who by the way is brilliant and misunderstood). What I love about Jessie J as an artist is that her lyrics are what sells her. She writes honest and profound messages to inspire and encourage our generation to believe in themselves and to love one another... sharing that it's okay not to be okay, and that they should live their lives to their fullest potential. These are all messages full of hope and truth which I for one am so pleased that Jessie J is sharing with thousands of young men and women through her ALIVE tour.
The main message I took away from her concert was from an unlikely song in my opinion. Usually I find myself connecting with the less well known songs which are slower like "Big White Room" or "Harder to Fall". But instead, it was "It's my party" believe it or not, that was the message for me on Saturday night, and I believe God had a hand in that - and He continued to press it on my heart all weekend (don't laugh I'm serious).
I challenge you oh skeptical one, to think about this song on a deeper level.
"It's my party... I'll do what I want!"

Jessie talked about each of us as individuals taking the reigns of our own lives and not letting those around us negatively dictate how they happen and particularly how we feel about ourselves.
Okay, so as Christians we say "It's my party... I'll do what Jesus wants"... and of course that is true - but if we are on the right path with Jesus and in tune with His will for our lives then I want to suggest that what He wants, should be our desires too. Therefore if my desire is Jesus' desire, even if they conflict with people around me, even if those around me are not 'for' me, and perhaps even against me... "It's my party... I'll do what I want!". I will not be beaten down or made to feel less than God created me to be by anyone. I will live my life to the fullest potential with God by my side, aligning my desires with Gods.
I have finally come to realise and fully comprehend that my faith in God is bigger than people; bigger than their mistakes or their support... bigger than empty words or their most well meaning encouragements... bigger than how people treat me - good or bad. My faith is not and should not reflect the people in my life or the situation or season I find myself in. It should reflect Jesus.
Thank you Jessie J for reminding me that I have control of the wheel of my life, and it is up to me to take a hold of it. Fundamentally, I make the decisions in my life and I have made the decision to make the most of every day and to rejoice even when it seems like I should be despairing. I will seek to encourage others along the way at every opportunity, and I will make all my decisions with the help of my God.
In life... I hope I can say that I will do what I want... because I know what He wants.

My prayer is that other people might find God's love and messages in the most unlikely of places as I have this weekend. For me it was at a Jessie J concert... and you might read this and think it makes no sense and is well... nonsense. But that doesn't matter because for me it makes perfect sense. For you, I don't know where you will find it, but I hope you do - God speaks to us all the time and in so many different ways.

I will also be praying for Jessie J as she speaks and sings those many many truths to thousands of people in the UK. What a privilege and responsibility to have the complete attention of that many people for those few hours (and for every other waking hour as they follow tweets, Facebook etc). I will be praying for her as she is sharing freeing messages which go against the grain of our society today, without a care in the world what those who are not 'for' her say. "Let the haters hate". I pray for her that she might find Christ among her own lyrics, and for all those who listen to her, that they might be inspired to stand up and dust themselves off when life doesn't quite go right!
It's your party... Do what you want! ;)

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