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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Why 6/10 girls stop doing what they love...

I love the whole Dove campaign - it tries to give back some self esteem to todays' generation. Despite the flaws in some of it, I love the vision behind it. This video is short but got me thinking.
Why did I stop doing some of the things I loved the most as a young girl?

At 12/13 I stopped ballet because I was told I was "too big" - Not only did this damage me for a long time, but it also stole from me something which I was actually pretty good at and really enjoyed. I had won a lot of competitions and even danced alongside the English National Ballet company in Great Expectations on the stage of the Grand Opera House in Belfast. One careless statement stole a lot from me as a young girl who then began to doubt myself, and compare myself with my sister who was long, lean and dancing in London. I began to see myself through eyes which were not eyes of truth.

I dream of a generation who KNOW that they are beautiful and who continue to pursue their dreams and their passions regardless of how they look or what people tell them. Who cares if they are not the daintiest on their feet or if they aren't the best at what they love. If they love it they should do it - a child being creative is a child reflecting God. This should only be encouraged in our young people. I dream of a generation who are not 'self-assured' but 'God-assured'. Even better, a generation who do not have to listen to or wrestle with these lies because the people around them also see them as they truely are.
Perfectly created.

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